Dr. Ben is great! He has a very thorough, overall approach and really understands how everything is connected together. He focuses on neurology along with alignment, and he has really helped me with pain and other issues. Dr. Ben has my enthusiastic recommendation.

– Mark M

This is an absolutely spectacular facility. Fully staffed by qualified professionals who are very courteous, and knowledgeable. Dr. Ben has helped me after my neck injury, and found some other issues that I have had for years that I did not know a chiropractor could even fix! If you are having either acute pain from a fresh injury, or lasting pain from when you wake up in the morning, come visit Back to Balance. Your bones will be happy you did!

– Christian

I have been going to this location for several years and can confidently recommend them. Both Dr. David (Levinson) and Dr. Ben (Colten) have been instrumental is getting some imbalances corrected in my hips and lower back that were causing discomfort and mobility issues in my right knee and hamstring muscles. These imbalances were making it hard for me to enjoy Crossfitting due to the limitation in movement I was dealing with.

They focus on proper exercises that permanently correct issues and don’t practice the “crack and pop and see you in 3 days” kind of chiropractic. They spend a lot of time at each appointment to make sure they totally understand all of your symptoms so they can prescribe proper treatment and get you moving well again.

-Beth D

I was in intense pain searching for a new chiropractor. Dr. Ben Colten was available to see me that day at 6:00 pm. He took x-rays of my neck and explained the results. Then he not only adjusted me and stretched my neck, he gave me at home exercises to help with the problem. I had immediate results and enjoyed his professional “bedside” manner.

– Bonnie F