Could foot pain be the source of your troubles?

However obvious it may be, the foot is the main shock absorber for the body, but it is so commonly overlooked as the source of daily dysfunctions. With the foot not being a large portion of the body, it contains twenty-six bones with thirty-three joints shoved into such a tight space. Shoes that fit too tightly or heels that crowd the toes are essentially placing even more pressure in a strict area, like an unnecessary cast on a perfectly healthy structure. Therefore, it makes it an easy location for human movement issues, which long term can lead to pain locally in the foot or possibly all the way up to the low back or even the back of the head. Looking at the body as a pyramid, the base is the most important for the integrity of the structure, right? For the body to move and adapt to everyday stresses, the base of the pyramid needs to be structurally sound. A problem in the foot can cause an overcompensation in the knee, which then can disrupt the flow of the hips. Then with the hips being such an integral part of the human body, dysfunctions can then translate all the way up to one’s neck. Imagine the source of all your neck pain is simply due to a lack of proper arch support or natural gait patterns.

For instance, a fellow training chiropractor I know was training at a local clinic when a patient came in with a two-year history of migraines and couldn’t find answers. She had seen every health professional imaginable for her issues, but nothing helped except medications for pain control. He decided he would do a full body and gait observation and noticed an issue of her left foot. She had a collapsed longitudinal arch on the plantar aspect of her left foot. He decided to do some adjustments to the area and advised her on a specific orthotic for her shoes, and within a week, her neck pain resolved completely. Something so unnoticeable to the everyday person ended up being completely debilitating to the rest of her daily living. It’s of crucial importance to maintain the integrity of the foot, and as a chiropractor, I understand the ability to grasp the complexity of the human body in order to greatly relieve pains and symptoms that could easily be corrected with simple adjustments. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your chiropractor keeps your feet aligned and feeling good.

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