Why a Brain Based Approach?

The Brain is the master control center of the human body, controlling every single cell, tissue, organ, muscle, and function. When the central nervous system, which is comprised of the brain and spinal cord, is chronically stressed, people can experience signs of dysregulation: pain, fatigue, headaches, trouble sleeping, anxiety, and digestive issues.

Our Approach

Your first visit is used to assess which systems of the brain are and are not functioning properly. There are more then 20 functional tests that are used to determine the health of your brain areas, which include visual assessments, balance and coordination tests, motor movement screenings, and discussing your own personal health history.

After your first visit, a report of findings is given to go over the results of your testing. Based on your findings, you would be recommended a treatment plan that would include drills/exercises for you to incorporate into your everyday life. The drills are designed to strengthen the weaker areas, or to inhibit/calm down overworking areas of the brain and nervous system.

The beginning treatment stages involve 1 hour-long session, which include session goals, brain based drills, and a review of at home training regiment for the patient to complete when not with the provider. During the treatment plan, visits are shortened to 30 minutes as the patient progresses through care.

Conditions Managed:

Chronic Pain
Balance Issues and Vertigo
Sports Enhancement
Post concussion rehabilitation
Coordination Issues
Chronic Inflexibility